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Crossroads Festival 2018 ° Interview with Kenneth Quiguer from la BIC

Écrit par sur 18 septembre 2018



As part of their live show for the Crossroads festival over in Roubaix, Lauren and Hanna had the opportunity to talk to Kenneth Quiguer from la BIC (Brigade D’Intervention Culturelle), one of the organisations behind the festival. Kenneth started the interview by introducing la BIC and the music scene that people can find over in Lille. He went on to speak some more about other festivals that BIC has been in collaboration with, and the amount of work put in to each festival they have been behind. He extended his thanks to the teams behind the festival, including the technicians and the lighting crew responsible for illuminating the stages on the nights of the concerts. Kenneth also talked a bit about how crossroads has changed over the years, and finished by giving a little insight into what the future holds.


Kenneth also talked about a special concert he saw for the segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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