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Crossroads Festival 2018 ° Interview with Valentin Carette for Idiot Saint Crazy Orchestra

Écrit par sur 18 septembre 2018



Our two english presenters Lauren and Hanna were live at the Crossroads festival in Roubaix on Friday, and had the opportunity to interview Valentin Carette from the unique, multi-genre group Idiot Saint Crazy Orchestra. Valentin spoke of the history behind the group, and the process behind the selection of the masks that they famously use on stage in each performance. He continued by talking more of the group on stage, the different ambiances that they experience in the crowd, as well as the instruments they play. Valentin finished by discussing the band’s tour dates, their future performance in Marseille, and gave them an idea of how the future looks for the group.


Valentin also spoke to the presenters about a concert he had seen for the segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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