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Album of the week • Interview with JJ Weihl from Fenster

Écrit par sur 20 septembre 2018



Fenster’s newest album The Room, released later last week, is Euradio’s Album of the Week. Lauren, the current presenter of Euradio’s Morning Show, got the opportunity to speak to band member JJ Weihl about their current album. Currently on tour, she spoke a bit about how they all came together from a chance meeting in a concert over in Berlin, where they are now based, before diving into how they experiment with their music. JJ continued by talking more about the album, and how it acts as a reflection of their sonic evolution, as well as the unique way in which it was formed. Following this, she explained how the band composed this album in one room, talking about the experience they had over in the house in Tuscany, and how that is reflected on the album cover. She finished by speaking about their tour, and what it’s like being on stage performing, before then giving us a better picture of what the future looks like for the band…

You can also check out JJ’s story on a concert that they all saw which inspired them, for the segment “A gig that changed me life” over here:


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