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Scopitone Festival 2018 • Interview with Thom Kubli

Écrit par sur 24 septembre 2018



For their live show at the Scopitone Festival, presenters for the English Morning and Afternoon Show, Hanna and Lauren interviewed German artist Thom Kubli. His exhibition, which utilises gravity through giant fog horn instruments to emit sound and bubbles, was one of those featured at the Jardin des Plantes for the festival. Starting the interview, they spoke about creating art in Berlin and what that is like for an artist such as him. He continued by describing his inspirations behind the art piece, as well as his fascination with the science and physics world, which can be seen in almost all his pieces. Thom talked some more about image and sound, before then diving into how he went about creating this piece, which the presenters discovered was a lot more complicated than it looked. He reflected on his favourite moments making the piece and then spoke a bit on which artists he was looking forward to checking out during his stay in Nantes…


Keen listeners will notice another voice during this interview… Cédric Huchet! Working as the art programmer for this festival, the presenters also spoke with Cédric in a separate interview which you can check out over here:

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