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Scopitone Festival 2018 ° Interview with Hiroaki Umeda

Écrit par sur 24 septembre 2018



At their live show in the Scopitone Festival on Friday, Morning and Afternoon presenters Lauren and Hanna were able to interview the Japanese choreographer Hiroaki Umeda about his performance for Scopitone Festival. The interview started with Hiroaki speaking about his transition from studying photography to starting his own company in choreography S20. Hiroaki continued by describing his inspirations behind the performance, such as the interest in the microscopic, before then explaining the process of planning a performance. His performances are not only in dance, but in the audiovisual effects as well, which play behind him during his dance routines. He finished by talking some more about the critical appraise he has received from his performances, and gave some indication as to his plans for the future.

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