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Album of the Week ° Interview with Hater

Écrit par sur 28 septembre 2018


Hater’s newest album Siesta, released this week, is Euradio’s Album of the Week. Current presenter of the Euradio show, Lauren, had the opportunity to speak with band members Måns Leonartsson and Adam Agace for an interview on the band and on the latest album. The interview started with the two explaining how the group formed, going into detail on how some of the members knew each other from school, while others had met on chance encounters. They went on to talk about the name of the group, how it links with their music, and how their music links to the music scene over in Sweden. After, they touched on the running theme of horses with their newest album, before then diving into their current tour around Europe. The two shared how excited they were to be on tour again, giving little anecdotes on creating the newest album, including the collaboration with artist Inge Petersson Lindbäck. They finished by giving us a better image of the future for the group, confirming that there will be a new album to look forward to…


The group also shared a story for the segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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