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Label of the month ° Interview with Jeanette Lee from Rough Trade Records

Écrit par sur 28 septembre 2018



Rough Trade Records, a British label based in London, is Euradio’s European label of the month for September. Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Afternoon Show’, had the opportunity to interview Jeanette Lee, one of the managers of the record label. Jeanette spoke about the origins of the label, how she became involved in working for the label herself and the way in which the label is going from strength to strength. Jeanette continued by talking about how the label is continuing to grow not only in London but also in New York which is a reflection of the many international artists that are already signed on with the label.  She finished by giving us an insight into all of the new releases and artists that we can expect from the label for the rest of this year and into 2019. It really seems as if the success of Rough Trade Records is only going to continue and we can’t wait to be able to play more of their music in the meantime!

Jeanette also gave us a really interesting story for our segment, ‘A gig that changed my life’ and you can listen to it here:



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