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Label of the Month ° Interview with Jeff Barrett from Heavenly Recordings

Écrit par sur 3 octobre 2018


Heavenly Recordings, the independent UK record label, has been selected for Euradio’s Label of the Month. Lauren, the current presenter of Euradio’s Morning Show, was able to speak to the founder of the label Jeff Barrett to get more of an insight into the label and how it came to be. The interview started with Jeff explaining how the label is (or, more accurately isn’t) defined, talking about how the team aims to sign the bands that they are passionate about, making it up as they go along. He continued by diving in deeper into the name Heavenly, how it related both to him as a founder of the label, as well as the time that the label was created. After, he touched on the emerging music scenes that were developing at the time, how that too influenced him to start Heavenly Recordings, and the people he encountered on the way. When asked about the former collaboration with EMI records, Jeff described the differences between being completely independent and collaborating with the major labels. He then described the ethos they carry in Heavenly Recordings towards other independent labels, before then diving in to the label’s plans for 2019…


A seasoned music promoter, Jeff gave us three stories for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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