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Album of the Week ° Interview with El Goodo

Écrit par sur 8 octobre 2018


The last album to have come from the psychedelic group El Goodo, By Order of the Moose, has been chosen as Euradio’s Album of the Week. Lauren, the current presenter of Euradio’s Morning Show, got the opportunity to speak to the group before their performance at Le Lieu Unique on Friday night. Speaking with the drummer Elliott and guitarist Pixy, they started the interview by speaking about how the group came together and how coming from Wales has influenced their journey in music. With special reference to Super Furry Animals, the two described how their friendship with the Welsh group began and grew over the years. They then dove into their album. Where did the name By Order of the Moose come from? What does the Moose symbolise? The pair discussed this, before then describing the recording process for the album, which took 8 years to complete. They described the filmic references within the album, finishing by looking to the future and the current recording of their upcoming album, which they hope will be released next summer. With special appearances from band members Andrew (Canny) and Tom, this interview isn’t one to miss… 


The group also shared some stories for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can find here:


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