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Red Bull Music 3Style Dj Competition 2018 ° Interview with DJ Mystykal Kut

Écrit par sur 8 octobre 2018


Red Bull Music 3 is an international Dj competition during which each Dj has just 15 minutes to excite the crowd by showcasing their best styles and tracks. For the ninth edition of this competition, Hanna, the current presenter of the ‘Euradio Show’, had the chance to catch up with finalist and runner up ‘Mystykal Kut’ (pictured in the middle) to find out more about his musical background and also his preparation for the French final which took place in Nantes. Originally from Strasbourg, he discussed his musical influences from the ‘top’ musical scene in his hometown, how he prepares himself for a performance and also how he likes to let the music speak to the audience when he plays. He talked about the competition and how the crowd seemed to enjoy each Dj set equally which made it an enjoyable experience for all. He finally talked about his future plans and how he is working on some new tracks that he would like to release very soon!

Mystykal Kut also talked to us about his ‘a gig that changed my life’ which you can listen to here:


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