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MidiMinuitPoésie#18 • Interview with Sjón

Écrit par sur 10 octobre 2018


In the run up to his poetry reading on Wednesday at the Château, Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson (known under his pen name Sjón) visited the studio to speak with one of Euradio’s presenters Lauren. Sjón is a novelist, poet and lyricist from Reykjavík, whose work is internationally renowned, and is featured as one of the creators performing for the festival. They started the interview by discussing the inspirations behind the pen name Sjón, which means sight in Icelandic, before diving into the world of surrealism and how that has influenced his writing. He touched on the links between the British punk movement, and how music and poetry became infused and changed the cultural scene of Iceland. On his past, he spoke about the small surrealist group Medusa, as well as his own self-publication at the young age of 15. Later on, they talked about novels, specifically his latest work CoDex 1962, and how he, as a true surrealist, fuses different worlds. They continued by talking about the close friendship Sjón shares with the artist Björk and how that has developed (and continues to develop) both professionally through music and personally. Finishing the interview, he gave us an idea on what to expect from his performance, as well as the ideas he wants to touch on through the night.


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