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Masterclass Univerciné ° Interview with Rafael Kapelinski

Écrit par sur 19 octobre 2018



As part of the Univerciné season 2018/2019, Hanna, the current presenter of the Euradio Show, had the opportunity to talk to Rafael Kapelinski (pictured right), about his first feature film ‘Butterfly Kisses’ which he was discussing today in Nantes. He talked about the story and themes of ‘Butterfly Kisses‘, how he became interested in film and the different training that he undertook in both England and Poland at film school. We then focussed more on the film by discussing why he chose to use a black and white filter and the sound of an organ to accompany the film and how both of these choices worked really well with the key themes of the film. Hanna also talked about this film winning the renowned Crystal bear award in Berlin which is particularly significant as this award is given based on votes from a young audience, therefore fitting Kapelinski’s target audience. Finally, Kapelinski briefly spoke about a project that he is working on and some of the figures in the film industry that have influenced both him and his work.

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