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Interview with Daniel Blumberg + Tom Wheatley

Écrit par sur 29 octobre 2018


In the run-up to their live performance at La Pannonica in Nantes, Lauren, the current presenter of Euradio’s Afternoon Show, got the opportunity to speak to Daniel Blumberg and Tom Wheatley for a little interview. They started by talking about their European tour and the type of music that they play. With this, they described the different instruments that they perform and the process of performing with such a range of instruments whilst on tour. Following this, they described the experience of being commissioned by Agnès Varda, before then continuing to explain what it is like performing and recording with some big names as young musicians. The group then focussed on their newest album released, Minus, and themes that are presented through the music that they have released. As they explain, it’s difficult to define, yet they reveal that there is a running theme in the album and other songs that haven’t been published which listeners might be able to catch. To finish, Lauren spoke with Daniel about his passion for drawing, and then spoke about the differences in the creative process between the music they play and the drawings. With special appearance from the sink in the dressing room, this interview digs deep into the thought-process behind the group…


The two also gave us an anecdote each for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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