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A domicile ° Interview with Sandrine Lesage from Soy Festival

Écrit par sur 30 octobre 2018


Promoting the Soy Festival, which is taking place all week throughout Nantes, the presenter of Euradio’s Afternoon Show, Lauren, had the opportunity to speak with Sandrine from the festival. They started the interview speaking about the festival’s growth, as well as the associations behind the festival. The two focussed on the volunteers behind the festival as a part of Yamoy, and the private companies who have supported the festival’s development. Sandrine continued by speaking about the other motivations of the festival, including the involvement of young artists to help design the branding and initiating a greener approach to the festival in terms of waste reduction. They finished by speaking more about the music, about the artists that Sandrine is personally excited to watch live, as well as how the musicians’ passions are uniquely in line with the festival’s.


Sandrine also shared an anecdote for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can listen to here:


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