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Album of the week ° Interview with Flavien Berger

Écrit par sur 30 octobre 2018



Contre-temps‘, Flavien Berger’s second album, is Euradio’s European album of the week. Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the chance to speak to Flavien Berger who writes, composes and sings his own music. The interview started off with Flavien talking about the style of music he creates, how he became interested in creating music and how his studies at the ‘École nationale supérieure de création industrielle‘ helped him develop key skills which he continues to use today. The theme of space and time was also discussed as this new album is described as being ‘un voyage à temps’ due to the use of electronic sounds and the images associated with his CDs. However, Flavien told Euradio that he never directly mentions time or space travel directly in his music, which makes this album all the more interesting. With ‘Contre-temps‘ being his second album, Flavien discussed what he did during the three years after his first album ‘Léviathan‘ before he released ‘Contre-temps‘, which included frequently touring, working on remixes for other artists and even creating music for films.

Flavien Berger also told us a really interesting story for our section ‘a gig that changed my life’ which you can listen to here:


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