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Soy Festival 2018 ° Interview with Anne Müller

Écrit par sur 5 novembre 2018


Live at the Soy Festival, the current Euradio English Show presenters, Hanna and Lauren, spoke with the cellist Anne Müller. Starting off with an interview, the three spoke about Anne’s interest in classical music, as well as her experience performing with more contemporary and experimental sounds. They talked about the differences and why exactly she enjoys both genres. Anne then went on to talk about her tour, and why she believes that there is still a space in society for classical music, as well as her specific method of composing that music. Following this, they dove into the range of collaborations that Anne has done, most notably with the German Pianist Nils Frahm and through her own association Solo Collective. They finished the interview by talking about her performance for the Soy Festival and the links that the music will have to the art world.


Following the interview, Anne performed a song from her latest album, which amazed our presenters. Listen to the live session here:



Also, Anne shared an anecdote for our segment “A gig that changed my life” which you can check out here:


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