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Soy Festival 2018 ° Interview with Miho Hatori

Écrit par sur 5 novembre 2018


For their live show promoting Soy Festival, the presenters of Euradio’s English Shows, Lauren and Hanna, had the opportunity to speak with the musician and songwriter Miho Hatori in the run-up to her performance on that Wednesday. The three started off the interview by speaking about Miho’s history: how her identity as a musician and as a person was shaped by being born in Tokyo but moving to New York, as well as her involvement in the band Cibo Matto. Drawing from that, Miho spoke more about Cibo Matto and how the music reflected her growth as an artist as well as the importance of being a Japanese artist in an American music group. She touched upon other collaborations, such as her work with the Gorillaz, and the differences one can find in performance between the groups. After, she described her three current projects (New Optimism, Miss Information, and Mondialité) and evaluated the personal meaning and inspirations behind one of these projects. They then spoke about her newer album Sequence, before diving in to the broader topic of new technology and how that has helped her tour throughout Europe, which started at Nantes.


Miho also spoke about a concert she saw for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can listen to here:



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