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Interview with Max Usata from Puts Marie

Écrit par sur 8 novembre 2018


On the eve of their performance at Saint-Herblain, Euradio Show presenter Lauren spoke with Max Usata, the vocalist of the Swiss band Puts Marie, for a little interview. They started by speaking about the group’s origins in Bienne, and how their style of music fits in the music scene of their home town. With the emergence of new young artists, Bienne is now hosting and celebrating a lot of different genres that mix well with Puts Marie’s broad range. Following this, Max discussed the group’s mixture of genres in their music, explaining how  natural the process is rather than artificial. They continued by speaking more about the album, touching on the response to the latest album Catching Bad Temper, as well as the motivations behind the songs and music videos. Much like their music, the inspirations that can be found are diverse, drawing from collaborations with cinema fanatics as well as experiences from previous tours. The two drew comparisons to their single Pornstars, and how the difference in approach reflects on the music. Max then expressed his wish to collaborate more with other artists. Later on, they spoke about the difference between their solo performances and playing as the band Puts Marie, confirming that they’re back for good.


Max also shared an anecdote with us for the segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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