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Stereotrip Vienne 2018 • Interview with Cari Cari

Écrit par sur 9 novembre 2018


Hanna and Lauren, the current two presenters for the Euradio Show, were live at Médiacampus to promote the upcoming Stereotrip Vienne 2018. During the show, they had the opportunity to speak to Stephanie Widmer and Alexander Köck from the band Cari Cari for an interview. They started by introducing themselves and the roles that they play within the duo, with Alexander focussing more on the singing and guitar, whilst Stephanie sings, plays the drums, and specializes in the visual aspect of the band. They went on to explain why they believe that they work so well as a duo, discussing how there is never a need to compromise – as compromising on creativity is something that could be harmful to the ‘spark’ in their music. Moving on from this, they spoke a bit on the urban legend of their creation, which features the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, and why they believe that their music fits so well on the screen. They explained how their music came to be featured on the TV series ‘Shameless’ and ‘The Magicians’, before then describing how their travels have influenced their music and provided them with some very interesting stories, which they shared with the presenters. Following this, the duo went on to describe what it’s like to play around the world, compared to the reception in their home country, before then touching on what the future means for the group.


Cari Cari also spoke about a moving concert for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can listen to here:


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