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Stereotrip Vienne 2018 • Interview with Dives

Écrit par sur 9 novembre 2018


Live at Stereotrip Vienne, presenters of the Euradio Show, Lauren and Hanna, were joined by Dora de Goederen, Tamara Leichtfried and Viktoria Kirner from the Austrian group Dives. Starting the interview, they spoke about the trio’s style of music and how their music isn’t easily defined in terms of genre, which they believe occurs naturally with their preference of music. Having only been formed as recently as 2016, the trio revealed that their biggest achievement so far has been sticking together through all the challenges they have faced. They moved on to talk about the diverse music scene in Austria, and how exactly their music has been influenced by their place of birth. Focussing more on their music, they discussed their process of making music and the significance of performing in an event that is celebrating Austrian artists. Following this, they discussed their music in relation to their audience, explaining how they don’t approach their music with a specific message, but instead allow the audiences to interpret their music independently. They then discussed the rest of their tour, including their performances in Reeperbahn festival and Popfest Vienna. To finish the interview, they spoke of the XA Music Export Award that they have just been awarded and how that may or may not influence their growth in the future, which they are very excited for…


The trio also gave us a story for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you should listen to here:


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