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Stereotrip Vienne 2018 • Interview with Sophie Lindinger from Leyya

Écrit par sur 9 novembre 2018


Live for Stereotrip Vienne 2018, the current presenters of the Euradio Show, Lauren and Hanna, were joined by Sophie Lindinger for an interview to promote the event. Sophie is one half of the duo Leyya, an Austrian group that composes and performs a unique form of electro pop, and who were selected to play at Stereolux that night. To start the interview, the three spoke about their genre of music in comparison to the style that they would listen to when growing up – coming from a little town, pop and rock were not in the mainstream, and it was much more common to focus on the classical. Moving from this, they discussed Leyya’s latest tour, and how the band find playing live for a European audience. Speaking more on music, Sophie touched on the duo’s latest album Sauna, and how both the composition as well as the sound of the album has been different from previous years. The trio continued the interview by speaking about the genre of pop music; and how Leyya want to move beyond the mainstream, making their music more accessible to a range of listeners. Sophie then went on to talk about some more unusual performances, such as at the Haus des Meeres Zoo, before then discussing the music video for their latest song Wannabe, which featured a unique visualisation of blinking. The trio finished by discussing what the future means for the group and where that will take them…


Sophie also gave us a little anecdote about a powerful concert she saw for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:



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