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European album of the week ° Mermonte

Écrit par sur 16 novembre 2018




Mermonte’s album ‘Mouvement’ is Euradio’s European album of the week and Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the chance to speak to one of the band members Ellie James. Ellie spoke about what it is like being in a group with so many members (up to 11!), how well everyone gets on with one another and their process of creating music. She spoke about how this recent album is her favorite due to the emphasis on the signing and how their albums are always prepared to be released way before we get to hear them! Finally, she spoke about the group’s involvement in a film called ‘Onamission’ and her experience on working with the band’s music for a film!

Ellie also talked to us for our segment ‘a gig that changed your life’ which you can find here: 


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