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Interview with Philippe Manoeuvre

Écrit par sur 20 novembre 2018

Following the release of his new autobiography “Rock”, Philippe Manoeuvre spoke to the current British presenter for the Euradio Show Lauren for an interview. To start, Philippe introduced his book and the incredible reception it has received so far, having been reprinted four times already. He then spoke about how he went about summing up his life in the rock world, consulting with the English writer Nick Kent for advice on how to tackle it. Following this, he touched upon what it was like looking back on his life and the ghosts he left behind. Speaking more on his journey through rock music, he reflected on where his love of music had taken him, and the career that he had dreamed about as a young boy. They continued the interview by discussing modern day rock music in France, and how it has changed. After, he discussed the tricky relationship between rock music and television in relation to his work on Les Enfants du rock and Nouvelle Star. Finishing up, he reflected on the importance of watching new bands, sharing music and keeping the love of rock alive, such as by going to the Salon international du disque de Nantes, where he will be this weekend (24th-25th November!!). With stories shared about Mick Jagger, David Bowie, The Crash and more, this isn’t one to miss…


Philippe shared a moving story for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can listen to here:


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