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Interview with Zee from Queen Zee

Écrit par sur 20 novembre 2018


Before their performance at Stereolux on Monday night, Lauren, the current presenter of the Euradio Show, got the chance to speak to Zee, the lead vocalist of the group Queen Zee. Coming all the way from Liverpool via their tour van, they spoke briefly on the trip their and how their tour has allowed them to bond (perhaps a little TOO much) as a band and as friends, as well as the unique music scene over in Liverpool. Zee moved on to then speak on the persona of “Queen Zee”, how the name was intended to encompass the band on how it plays on the questions of sexuality and the punk scene, before then touching on how they got together as a group. They then discussed how the group, by having the confidence and believing in themselves, have gone on to play at large festivals, such as in Reading last year. After, they spoke about the issues that the band’s songs address, such as LGBTQ rights and femininity, discussing whether this is something that the band sets out to tackle when writing their songs or whether it is a natural process. With some of their songs being mostly choruses, Zee commented on how their songs aren’t politically motivated and just reflect experiences relevant to them. Zee then spoke about the differences that can be found between the underground music scene and the mainstream, before then talking about their latest album, which will be released next year. To finish, they spoke about the mindset (or, rather, lack of mindset) that Zee has when playing live, and the rather unfortunate fates of the instruments that were on stage with them…


Don’t forget to check out Queen Zee playing at the Lille Aéronef for the All for Punk Festival this Saturday (24th of November!)


Zee also shared a story from a recent gig for the segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:


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