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Transcript ° Interview with Parcels

Écrit par sur 20 novembre 2018


Before their performance on Monday the 12th of November, Lauren, the current British presenter for the Euradio Show, had the opportunity to speak to the group Parcels for a little interview…

You played over in the UK recently, how did that go?

Really fun, we went to Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and London. There was a really cool vibe and London was amazing… well, they were all amazing. Actually, Manchester was hard for us as it was the first show and we have been working on our new set so we put a lot of pressure on ourselves as everything was new. We were therefore too concentrated on that to even understand what happened during that show as we were so nervous. The English crowd were however great and there were loads of young people.

You relocated from Australia to Berlin which is of course a big move, why did you choose to do this?

I reckon it was a pretty easy move in a way and we had each other. If you move alone, I can imagine that it is daunting so luckily we had each other.

How do you find the music scene in Berlin, do you think it is similar to your own music?

Yeah there is a little bit of a lack of live music in Berlin or venues. I haven’t found my venue that I like to go to to watch live music. There are some festivals where you can find some good undiscovered artists too.

You are very young artists to experience such success – is this exciting to be seeing success at such an early stage?

Yeah, definitely. You can definitely get a bit lost in that because there’s always things to think about and things on the horizon that haven’t been achieved yet. But at the moment, I mean, we are doing this tour and we don’t have to set up our gear anymore (laughs) we come to the stage everyday and we are just stoked…this is something I have always dreamed of having, this tour life this is comfortable. You’ve got to step back sometimes to believe it.

Your last single ‘Overnight’ was produced by Daft Punk, how did that collaboration come about?

It was quite a while ago but it was completely out of the blue. It was our first show in Paris and they happened to be friends with our label and they were invited to the show. We got talking in the studio and nothing was really set up and then we ended up making a song!

There is a lot of French influences that keep popping up in your history (e.g. Daft Punk) do you find that there is a French link with your music?

Our music definitely connects really strongly with a French audience and we have been inspired by a lot of French music. I think we like the romantic and cinematic vibe and because there is such a strong link there we keep going back to it!

And, for this new album, you made a horror movie with Milla Jovovich – what was it like, hearing that this mega actress not only was a fan but wanted to collaborate with you like this?

It was great, basically we kept noticing that she kept liking and commenting on our instagram posts and then we were playing out in Cannes… She was right at the front, singing along and absolutely rocking out until the end of the show. We got to talking after the concert and we were like, what can we do with this – how can we turn this into something great – and slowly this idea came about to make this like mini horror film where she was a hardcore Parcels fan. She was up for it straight away, hooked us up with this filmmaker and then that’s the final product.

Speaking about collaborations, for your song credits, you worked with Dean Dawson right? Where did you hear of him?

He was in the studio with us actually when we were recording the album – and we wanted to finish the album off by having this voice sort of thanking everyone who has helped us make the album. You know, like the one signing off a live show or something? And then Dean just spoke and we were like Dean! He tried out a few things and it just worked.

For the future, what is in store for Parcels? You’re going to be touring in America next year?

Yeah, we’re really looking forward to that – American audiences are great! And yeah, just touring for this album, maybe there will be another one down the line but right now we’re focussed on the present.

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