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Festival Culture Bar Bars ° Interview with Jean Marc from the CAFK

Écrit par sur 21 novembre 2018


In the run up to the 17th edition of the Festival Culture Bar Bars, the current presenter of the Euradio Show, Lauren, spoke with Jean Marc from the CAFK bar. To start the interview, they discussed his role in the organisation of the festival, as well as his bar and the origins of the name CAFK. Jean Marc touched on how the festival aims to promote harmony between the city’s bartenders and the public, explaining that their role is more than just selling alcohol, but also to promote being social within the city. He expanded on this by describing how the festival is organised  between all the bartenders, growing from just 6 bartenders to over 200 places across France. Concerts, expositions, and spectacles, the programme for the festival keeps getting bigger and bigger – and Jean Marc expressed the wish for them to expand even more to promote their aim even further. He spoke about the culture of cafe and bar concerts, and how it’s important for any musician to have these readily available – as it’s usually the starting up point of their career. They went on to discuss how Nantes is one of the biggest cities in France for concerts and performances, and how he wishes for that to keep going for his city. To finish the interview, they discussed the image of the festival with the picture of the bearded man, and how it resembles a viking. Jean Marc explained how bartenders are almost like vikings, yet more in spirit than in looks of course…


Jean Marc also shared a little story for “A gig that changed my life”, which you can check out here:



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