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Transmusicales 2018 ° Interview with Thomas Lagarrigue

Écrit par sur 27 novembre 2018




In the run up to the 4oth edition of Transmusicales in Rennes, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to speak to Thomas Lagarrigue, analyst and cartographe for the festival’s programme. He spoke about how he listens to and researches the artists on the programme to create these music maps and how this idea has not changed much over the years except it expanding with more and more artists! Thomas also talked about the conferences that he is involved with called ‘les explorations live’ and he mentioned the importance of talking about music after listening to it. He even mentioned one of the artists who he is most looking forward to seeing at the Transmusicales, Ben Lamar Gay, and how the festival offers a huge variety of artists!

Thomas also told us a really interesting story for Euradio’s segment ‘A gig that changed my life’, which you can find here :



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