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Retour sur évènement : les interviews de SLASH

Écrit par sur 28 novembre 2018

Lauren & Hanna à Slash

Retour sur évènement à Slash

Hanna & Lauren, nos deux animatrices de The EUradio Show, étaient à Slash le jeudi 22 et vendredi 23 novembre.

Vous pouvez trouvez toutes leurs interviews en podcast ci-dessous.

à écouter et ré-écouter ! 


#Lena Ingwersen

Project manager for the Hamburg Music Business Association and the Music Cities Network

Lena Ingwersen was one of the speakers for the Slash conference discussing the links between architecture and the music scene.


During her interview with Euradio, she described the music scene over in Hamburg, as well as the projects currently underway with the Hamburg Music Business Association.


She also spoke about her own personal work in management, and the cultural differences and similarities that can be found when consulting foreign industries.


Becky Ayres

Managing director of Sound City in Liverpool

Becky Ayres participated in the Slash conference discussing how music can be a means to promote tourism.


She spoke to us about the relationship between Liverpool Sound City festivals, and the conferences that have been organised for Slash and for Liverpool Sound City.


Later, she talked about the importance of events like these, their expansion into South Korea, and the music scene in Liverpool.


Jesper Mardahl

Head of Promus The Music Community of Aarhus

Jesper Mardahl, with over 35 years of experience in the music industry, was one of the expert attendees in Slash.


He discussed his role as the Managing Director of Music City Aarhus and Promus, the entrepreneur opportunities available to young musicians nowadays, as well as the evolution of the music industry.


Adding to this, he described the music scene over in Denmark and his own development from a musician to a ‘backstage’ worker.  


Maria Rut Reynisdottir

Project manager of Reykjavík Music City

Maria Rut Reynisdottir was present as one of the speakers for Slash’s conference on how architecture relates to a city’s music scene.


For her interview with Euradio, she discussed her diverse career path, in both music management and the media.


Following this, she described the current projects of the Music City of Reykyavik, the importance of promoting and protecting the music scene in Iceland, as well as how this relates to the city’s infrastructures.


Julien Chirol

Cofounder of MusicUnit

One of the speakers behind the conference concerning the music industry in 2030, Julien Chirol joined Euradio for an interview.


To start, he spoke about the importance of looking to the future with music and technology, before then discussing his work with MusicUnit.


He described their base in Paris, as well as his hopes for the future development of the industry.   


Pablo Camino

Director of Spain is music

As one of the speakers for the conference ‘The artist at the heart of tourism’ for the Slash convention, Pablo Camino was one of the guests attending.

He spoke to us about where the inspiration came from to start the website Spain is Music, and why it is important to promote Spanish music of all genres to tourists.

He also discussed the advantages of consumerism, as well as the functions of the organisation and how they collaborate with locals to create an authentic experience.  


Olivier Tura

Director of Trempolino

Director of Trempolino, Olivier Tura joined Euradio to speak about the Slash convention.


He discussed the importance of conventions such as Slash, the success they received from the event, and how they went about organising it.


Following this, he also spoke about his own work in Slovenia and how he hopes Slash will be a more frequent event in the future.


Kristo Käo

Estonian guitarist, tutor and co-founder of

Kristo Käo was one of the guests at the Slash convention.

In his interview with Euradio, he spoke about his role in Slash and importance of delivering masterclasses.

He later described the Estonian music scene, and his own work with and “Guitar School – the key to the practical guitar playing”.


Jess McCarten

Community Manager at The Rattle

As one of the speakers for the conference ‘Artist and entrepreneur ‘ for the Slash convention, Jess McCarten spoke to Euradio on the second day of the convention.


She helped us to define an ‘artist entrepreneur’, which was the theme of the convention as well as her role in the company ‘The Rattle’.


She talked about what it means to be a member of ‘The Rattle’, the expansion of the company into America next year and how this will work differently to being in London.


Lucile Tuval

Accompagnatrice de Projets chez Ulule

Lucile Tuval nous a parlé de l’organisation Ulule qui est devenue le premier site de financement participatif Européen.

Elle nous a dit que depuis le début d’Ulule en 2010, cette organisation aidait à financer plus de 25 000 projets musicaux ainsi que l’audiovisuel.

Elle a expliqué l’importance du financement participatif pour des artistes et comment les conventions comme SLASH peuvent aider les artistes avec le networking et par conséquent.. leur futur.


Eléna Tissier

Musicienne française alias ‘The Unlikely Boy’

Eléna Tissier faisait partie du ‘European Music Incubator’ pendant ‘SLASH’ et elle nous a parlé de son type de musique et comment elle se situe dans la scène musicale parisienne.

Elle nous a dit qu’elle trouve l’événement SLASH intéressant parce qu’il se passe à Nantes au lieu de Paris, donnant plus d’opportunités aux musiciens autour de la France.


Natalie McCool

Musicienne anglaise

Natalie McCool was also part of the ‘European Music Incubator’ during SLASH and she spoke to us about how she became an artist and the big names that support her including Radio 1 and the Sunday Times.

She also discussed the project that she is involved with for SLASH and how she thinks it is a great event for artists.


Sara Renar

Croatian musician

Sara Renar was one of the artists participating in the European Music Incubator at Slash.

She talked to us about the music scene over in Croatia, and the importance for her to sing in her native language to create meaning in her lyrics.

Following this, she described her style of music, why it is referred to as experimental, as well as the project she hoped to present in Nantes for Slash.


Tommaso Rolando

Italian multi-instrumentalist from Genova

Based in Genova, Tommaso Rolando was an Italian artist performing his project for the European Music Incubator in the Slash Convention.

He discussed the instruments and different genres he plays as an artist, and why he explores so many components in music.

He later went on to talk about the other areas of the arts that he uses in his performances, such as visual arts, dance, and theatre, before then describing his own project for Slash.



Argo Vals

Guitarist + composer from Estonia  

Argo Vals is another artist who was invited to participate in the European Music Incubator for Slash.

A guitarist and composer from Estonia, he described the music scene in his home town in Tartu and Tallinn, as well as the opportunities available for young musicians.

He then spoke about his work as an artist, discussing his technical background of drum machines and loopers, as well as the mix of genres he plays, before then describing his project for Slash.



Thomas Cochini

French beatmaker and keyboard player alias Oï Tomkin

Thomas Cochini was an artist invited to participate in the European Music Incubator with the Slash convention.

He described the diverse music scene around France, including Nantes, where he has been living for three years, before then exploring his background in Russian music through his mother.

He continued the interview by discussing his current projects, the collaborations that he has done as an artist, as well as the project he hopes to present for Slash.   



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