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Live DMA and Transmusicales 2018 ° Interview with Audrey Guerre

Écrit par sur 28 novembre 2018





In the run up to Transmusicales 2018, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to interview Audrey Guerre who is the coordinator of the non-profit organisation Live DMA and who will be running a round table discussion at Transmusicales. The first part of the interview was focussed on the organisation Live DMA and how it has 18 members in 14 different European countries. Audrey spoke about how quick this European development came about and how these countries are working together to promote art and culture on a European level. Audrey also spoke to us about the second edition of the ‘Open Club Day’ happening in February 2019, where live music venues will open their doors during the day and invite an audience to discover what is happening behind the scenes. Live DMA’s involvement in this event highlights the organisation’s aim to show the importance of art and music in the European project.

The second part of this interview focusses on Audrey’s involvement in Transmusicales and the round table discussion ‘L’Europe, un espace, des cultures, des musiques’. Audrey spoke about this discussion focussing on European policies and the European projets dedicated to culture and music. We also talked about the role of music in the European project and the difficulty of proving the value of music as a sector on a European level. Audrey reiterated the importance of working with music on a European level as it can be unbalanced, however, she did mention the Creative Europe programme beginning in 2021 which will be a positive step for the culture sector in Europe.

Audrey also spoke to us for Euradio’s segment ‘a gig that changed my life’, which you can find here:


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