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Interview with Simon Borer from Red Brick Chapel

Écrit par sur 29 novembre 2018


Red Brick Chapel is Euradio’s European Label of the Month for November. Lauren, the current presenter of the Euradio Morning Show, got the opportunity to speak with the label’s founder Simon Borer for an interview. To start, they discussed his work as a musician under the alias Long Tall Jefferson and how the work as a musician as well as a label founder is similar in a lot of ways. They then went on to talk about his current tour, and the reception from his latest album Lucky Guy, which was released in September of this year. Simon expanded on this, describing how this tour has been different for him because he has a supporting band to play while he performs, which has come with many unexpected advantages. Moving over to talk about the label, Simon explained why they refer to themselves as a grassroots democratic association and the collaboration that occurs in the label amongst the musicians and the label committee, before then expanding on the criteria of Red Brick Chapel for artists, and why exactly there are a lot of Swiss artists signed on. To finish up, he reflected on the growth the label has experienced since its creation in 2011.


Simon also shared an anecdote for our segment “A gig that changed my life”, which you can listen to here:



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