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A domicile ° Interview and Live Session with Tim Dup

Écrit par sur 4 décembre 2018



Before his performance in Nantes, Tim Dup was welcomed to the studio to do a live session and an interview. Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’ had the chance to speak to Tim. He played two songs, ‘Demain peut être’ and ‘Melancholie Heureuse’. We spoke about Tim’s genre of music and how he has been influenced by a wide range of music, even being in bands which played rock and reggae music. Tim stated that there is not much difference between his EP and his first album and that his keyboard remains his ‘friend’ as he pursues his musical career. Finally, Tim told us about his performances in France, Belgium and even Canada and that he would love to travel and perform in both Asia and Africa.


Tim also contributed to our segment ‘a gig that changed my life’ which you can listen to here:



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