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Festival Univerciné Britannique 2018 ° Interview with Céline Letemplé

Écrit par sur 13 décembre 2018




In the week of the winter edition of the Festival Univerciné Britannique, the two British presenters of the Euradio Show, Hanna and Lauren, were joined by creative director Céline Letemplé and Irish director Nick Kelly for an interview. To start, they spoke with Céline, who talked to us about the goal in organising a festival that promotes British cinema, explaining how the university organisation aims to discover culture through film. She continued by describing how the festival has changed from when she started in 2017 as creative director, using the festival now for educational purposes as well as cultural discovery. She reflected on last year’s festival and how it was shorter than this year, yet she was able to set up collaborations with other festivals and cinema venues. Céline explained that her work with Univerciné has allowed her to learn a lot about distributing and producing films, something she did not know much about as a regular filmgoer. Céline also noted how a lot of the films chosen for the competition this year portray young male characters and how this enabled her university students to relate to them and their development through adolescence. Finally, we got an insight into the first screening for this festival, The Drummer and the Keeper and why this was chosen as part of this festival.

You can also listen to the interview that we did with Nick Kelly (the director of The Drummer and the Keeper) here.

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