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Festival Univerciné Britannique 2018 ° Interview with Nick Kelly

Écrit par sur 13 décembre 2018



In the run up to the first screening for this festival, Hanna and Lauren, the current presenters of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to invite director Nick Kelly to the studio for an interview. He started off by talking about the plot of his film, ‘The Drummer and the Keeper’, a buddy movie that tackles the theme of mental health principally through the two main characters, Christopher and Gabriel. Nick described his career up until now, being involved in both music and advertising and how he believes that these both influenced his journey into becoming a filmmaker. Nick talked to us about the difference between creating short films and his first feature film, ‘The Drummer and the Keeper’, highlighting the difficulties and the competition that exists in creating longer films. However, Nick mentioned the success of ‘The Drummer and the Keeper’, with both principle actors winning awards for their character portrayal and of course, it being chosen to be a part of the Univerciné Brittanique festival here in Nantes. Finally, we discussed how well mental health is represented in this film and Nick talked about a particular scene where he used extras living with autism and how well this worked in the film. Mental health is notoriously difficult to portray within films however Nick Kelly masters it perfectly, you can watch the trailer for this short film here.

We also did an interview with Céline Letemple, creative director of this film festival, which you can listen to here.

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