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Festival Univerciné Britannique 2018 ° Interview with Marcus Rutherford

Écrit par sur 13 décembre 2018



In the run up to the projection of the film ‘Obey’ as part of the Univerciné Brittanique happening in Nantes, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to invite Marcus Rutherford to the studio for an interview. Marcus plays the principal role ‘Leon’ in the film and he spoke to us about this character and the general plot of the film. He went on to mention the differences between working on a series and working on a film and how the team behind ‘Obey’ really put their heart and soul into this film, which made it all the more rewarding. We also talked about the 2011 riots in London, a theme tackled in this film, and Marcus noted how it is important to address what happened during this period and how similar problems still resonate in Europe today. Finally, we talked about the success of the film, with Marcus being nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ by BIFA and winning ‘Best Actor’ in the Cairo International Film Festival and how impressive this is considering ‘Obey’ marks his first role in a film.

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