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Festival Univerciné Brittanique 2018 ° Interview with David Jackson

Écrit par sur 14 décembre 2018




For the winter edition of the Univerciné Brittanique, Hanna and Lauren, the current presenters of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the pleasure to invite David Jackson to the studio, director of the film ‘Winterlong’. He spoke to us about the plot of the film, the importance of the father-son relationship within it and the difference between creating short films and longer films, with Winterlong being his first feature film. We also discussed his work as a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University and how he transfers his practical knowledge as a director into the classroom. Finally, he spoke to us about how he thinks directors should approach submitting their work, offering some good advice before speeding off back to his film projection!

You can listen to another interview that we did with a different director, Nick Kelly, who is also a part of this festival, here.

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