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Écrit par sur 14 janvier 2019

L’album européen de la semaine, c’est «POST LOVERS» de POST LOVERS (GRECE). Gagnez cet album en écrivant à musique(at)


Interview with Eleni Karageorgou from Post Lovers :


Post Lovers is the solo project of Eleni Karageorgou.

Eleni Karageorgou born and raised in Athens has been involved with music since 1997 when she bought her first acoustic guitar.

Years later, Post Lovers is her first complete attempt at composition and arrangement.

In 2014-2015 she participated in the Athenian band Household and the release of their self-titled EP.

Τhe single “Melbourne/Going Anyway” is the first official Post Lovers release and was part of the special project “A Distant Victory Singles Club”. Their debut self-titled album will be released in December 2018.

Post Lovers, the solo project of singer-songwriter Eleni Karageorgou, were introduced to us in the summer of 2017 with the single “Melbourne / Going Anyway”, one of the collectable singles of the special project “A Distant Victory Singles Club”

Post Lovers play short indie folk tunes, blending a-bit-too personal songwriting with playful backing vocals, all set in a 90’s background.  In their debut self-titled album Karageorgou generously shares her thoughts with the listener providing a resounding female answer to the male-dominated contemporary songwriting. 13 songs succeed one another naturally without revealing their full potential at once.  Masterly crafted tunes, fragile memories and feelings have been transformed into songs that deal with the savagery of love, family and human nature.

The album was recorded in the spring of 2018 at Suono studio and was produced by Coti K.

The musicians contributing in Post Lovers are:

Stavros Georgiopoulos – bass, vocals

Danae Eco – keys, percussion, vocals

Danae Palaka – drums

Nikos Tselios – electric guitar, vocals

Eleni Karageorgou – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, vocals

Out on black and green vinyl and digital album via Inner Ear.

Et si la France tombait amoureuse de Post Lovers avec la voix d’Eleni Karageorgou que l’on avait découverte l’an dernier avec Melbourne sur un premier EP chez Inner Ear Records qui a de l’oreille.

Tout tourne autour de l’amour. Aimer, dés-aimer, aimer à nouveau. Un cycle infernal de joie et de souffrance qui est une manne pour écrire des chansons. Post Lovers est le projet solo de la chanteuse auteure compositrice Eleni Karageorgou qui dans son premier disque à paraitre le 10 décembre évoque « des souvenirs et des sentiments fragiles qui ont été transformés en chansons qui traitent de la sauvagerie de l’amour, de la famille et de la nature humaine. » Et comme Eleni Karageorgou aime aussi dessiner, elle réalise la pochette de son disque.




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