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Eurosonic Festival 2019 ° Interview with Oskar Strajn

Écrit par sur 15 janvier 2019


Eurosonic is one of the two festivals taking place across the city of Groningen with the organisation ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag). Lauren, the current presenter of the Euradio Morning Show, got the opportunity to speak to Oskar Strajn, a member of the booking team at ESNS, for an interview. They started the interview by speaking about how long ESNS has been running, wherein Oskar elaborated that it is actually the 33rd edition of ESNS. He described how it first began as as festival to rival Belgium, but has expanded to incorporate a mass amount of festivals, venues and conferences. Following from this, Oskar explained how and why ESNS operates as a non-profit organisation, expressing their love for European music as the main motivator, before then diving in deeper into why it’s so important to share European music. They continued by talking about ESNS’ selection process for artists across Europe, before then discussing why the festivals also hold a range of conferences, speeches and interview during the day. Oskar then expanded on the value of holding the festivals in over 40 different locations across the city centre of Groningen, and how the city is actually best suited for this sort of event. To finish up, they touched on how the festivals have a proven track record for helping break new acts that later come big, and how Oskar expects that this year will be no different.


Oskar also shared a little story for our segment ‘A gig that changed my life’, which you can find here:


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