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Album of the week ° Interview with Eleni Karageorgou from Post Lovers

Écrit par sur 18 janvier 2019


Post Lovers from Greece is Euradio’s European album of the week, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the chance to interview Eleni Karageorgou who started Post Lovers as a solo project. Eleni spoke about the style of music created by this group and why she decided to make it more than just a solo project by inviting other musicians to play live. Eleni also spoke to Hanna about the prominent genre of music in Greece and how happy she is that this is growing and growing. Despite mentioning the difficulties that Greek artists have when trying to play abroad, she mentioned that she would love to have the chance to perform in Europe, especially France! To finish off, we talked about the front cover of the new album as well as the future, with the group planning to release some videos of some live recordings very soon!

Eleni also contributed to our section ‘a gig that changed my life’, which you can find here:


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