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Interview & Live Session ° Yeggmen

Écrit par sur 18 janvier 2019



Before the release party for their debut album, ‘Together in the Fullness of A Solar System’, Yeggmen were invited to the studio for an interview and live session for the Euradio Show. For the live session, the group performed three songs from their album: The Biggest Wave, A 86, and Ship, which you can listen to above.

The ‘nantais’ trio then  spoke to Hanna and Lauren about the origin of their group, the key themes that are addressed in their songs, and what we can expect from their release party: one which is happening on Saturday the 19th at the Bar à Sons, and the other on the 31st at Le Ferrailleur. They also spoke about their collaboration with Marc Cortes to film the video for their new song ‘You are Lost’ from this debut album. Finally, we spoke about what kind of messages and themes the group want their listeners to take from this album, including poetry and more…

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