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Festival Trajectoires ° Interview with Erika Hess

Écrit par sur 22 janvier 2019



In the run up to the beginning of Festival Trajectoires, a dance festival taking place all over Nantes, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the chance to speak to Erika Hess, the co-director of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes. Erika opened the interview by talking about what we can expect from this 9 day festival, the cultural scene in Nantes and the variety of artists that reside in Nantes, highlighting the importance of the dance scene here. Erika also spoke to us about the conferences that we can expect during this festival, one of which talks about the relationship between man, nature and culture. Erika also made a comparison between the first and second edition of this festival, stating that this edition has more emphasis on audience participation and involvement in the dance. Finally, Erika told us the confirmed dates for next years festival and her hope that all the organisations involved this year will return for the third edition in 2020 !

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