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European Label of the month ° Interview with Luis Calvo from Elefant Records

Écrit par sur 24 janvier 2019




To celebrate Euradio’s new label of the month ‘Elefant Records’, Hanna, the current presenter of the Euradio Show, had the opportunity to interview the Luis Calvo, the founder of this record label based in Madrid, Spain. We started talking about the origin of the label, the music that it produces and the current music scene in Madrid. Luis also told us all about the international artists that are signed under this label, with groups coming from France, Sweden and even Japan! He went on to describe the process of finding these artists and Luis mentioned that the label only signs artists that they really love which reflects their passion for good music. Finally, we spoke about the label’s thirty year anniversary, how the label has changed since the beginning and the new projects that are to come!

Luis told us a story for Euradio’s segment ‘a gig that changed my life’, which you can listen to here:


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