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Lille Aéronef ° Interview with Alex Humbert

Écrit par sur 24 janvier 2019





Alex Humbert is responsible for communications with the Aéronef in Lille, Hanna, the current presenter of the Euradio Show, had the chance to speak to Alex about the Aéronef and its programme. He started off by discussing his role at the Aéronef, what we can usually expect from the programme and the most popular genre of music that is often found there. Alex also told us about two memorable concerts that he saw there, one before he was part of the Aéronef team and one more recently. Alex then went on to talk to us about the project LiveEurope and how the Aéronef is the ‘l’ambassadrice française’ and thus is representing France in this exciting European project. Finally, he spoke to us about some projects and concerts to come in the next few months and you can expect a full programme from now until June!

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