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Album of the Week ° Interview with Bigott

Écrit par sur 25 janvier 2019

Hi I’m Kheerut from Euradio and I’m with Bigott who is Euradio’s European album of the week!



  • So you’re from Zaragoza in Spain – could you describe the music scene over there?


Pues, eres de Zaragoza en Espagne, es que podríais describir la escena musical allí?

The musical scene of here, for me it’s generally a scene of the world because we basically listen to music from all over that’s good music. I can’t define it as a musical culture of only one specific city.


  • And, for a lot of your songs, you sing in English. Why did you decide to use English in your music like this?


Y por muchos de tus canciones, cantáis en inglés. Porque habéis decidido utilizar el inglés en tu música de esta manera?

I imagine it’s because practically all of the music that I like and that i have listened to my whole life is in English. I’m probably influenced by what i have listened to and am listening to. But on the other hand, i can’t have a conversation with someone in English, its rare.


  • You have a very specific image, like with the emojis and the colourful costumes, it’s very playful in a way – was this a natural thing to incorporate into your music?


Tenéis una imagen muy específica, como con los emojis y los trajes coloridos. De alguna manera es muy lúdico. ¿Fue esto algo natural para incorporar a tu música?

Yes, it’s very influenced by the mood. Taking into account when someone is really sad, they only wear clothes that are very dark, grey, and black but you may not wear those colours when you feel good. However sometimes i wear dark clothes, it doesn’t matter.


  • And you have a new album released this year called Friendly Monsters. For this album, you self-produced it – is this something you do often? Why?


Y tenéis un nuevo lanzado este año que se llama “Friendly Monsters”. Para este álbum, lo has producido tú mismo-  es algo que hacéis a menudo? Por qué?

No no no it’s the first time i have launched it, normally I only count on people from outside with musicians that I like or products from the outside but it means something to do it for myself and some of the media makes it seem very bright but with a lot of hope and a lot of love and the result is much greater.


  • And why chose the name Friendly Monsters, Does it link with the sound well?


Porque habéis elegido el nombre “Friendly Monsters”? Se relaciona bien con el sonido?

I don’t know, in all aspects of my life i’m not entirely sure. I have never thought of it as good or bad, I  simply let myself go into it completely free. I don’t have a mental way of managing my life. It’s just a sensation and a feeling that I have and sometimes im proud and other times i’m not but i don’t know, I don’t stress myself out over it.


  • You also collaborated with Cristian Barros for the sound engineering. Where did this collaboration begin?


También Habéis colaborado también con “Cristian Barros” para la ingeniería de sonido. Donde comenzó esta colaboración?

This collaboration started many years ago, because Chris, when I knew him, was playing in a group but he started to work with me as a sound technician in our concerts and our performances. And from there he went on to form part of the group because i liked it a lot when he played and he watched the music and felt it and from there on we decided to do friendly monsters together.

  • How many viewers do you have?

Cuantos espectadores teneis?

It’s very very flexible. We could have anything from 1000 people to 3000. Imagine that. It’s always random. Suddenly lots of people will come and sometimes we play at a festival. Other times we play at a gig where not many people come, so i’m not too sure. But we always maintain the same energy. It doesn’t matter if no one comes or if there are 4000 people it would be exactly the same. It’s the sensation that you have and that you transmit, it’s something natural.

  • Are all your viewers Spanish or English?

Es que todos Los espectadores son españoles o ingles?

So we have people from all over. Now we are starting in Spain, imagine you are in Spain, in Barcelona and you don’t understand people living abroad. The majority of listeners we have had are here are from Spain but from now we are starting to branch out a bit more. We are starting to gain some support from France and Switzerland. You see us in Paris, Rennes. A little bit everywhere.

Long live the fans, I love them!  

  • Your premiere for one of the songs, so Dreaming, was in December. Was it helpful to see the reaction in advance? How was it received?

Tu estreno para una de sus canciones, so dreaming, fue en diciembre. Fue útil para ver la reacción en avance? Cómo fue recibida?

I don’t know for me it’s always great because i do things with no type of ambition. The only thing I need to do, is to feel good in myself and do the best that I can. So the response of the public depends on if you have used lots of promotion or less promo and i am poor at it. I don’t have money so my promos happen more so on Instagram and Facebook but the feedback i have had from there is great! People tell you that they like your music and i don’t know, i find this amazing.

  • You also do a lot of music videos for your music. Do you enjoy doing it? Is there a lot of planning that goes into it?

También hacéis muchos videos musicales para tu música? Te gusta hacerlo? Hay mucha planificación que tenéis que hacer para producirlo?

No, in my life there’s absolutely no planning, we simply let ourselves go with the flow and see what happens. The only thing we plan is the camera and if someone is recording but the rest is spontaneous and natural.

  • The people you use in your music video are also spontaneous?

Las personas que utilizais en los videos son spontanés también?

Yes there are people who i meet on the street and i ask them if they want to participate in the video or we even use us ourselves, we get carried away. We favour a budget but our budget is quite restricted so we have to put the most creativity we can into the video ourselves.

  • You’ll be playing in the one of a million festival in February over in Dip, Switzerland – have you played in Switzerland before?

Tocareis en el festival “One of a million” en Febrero en Dip, Suiza habéis tocado en Suiza antes?

Yes I was in Switzerland last year playing in a Church. It was amazing. Because here in Spain it’s very rare that the people use these places for something cultural or musical. It’s very rare here. Religion is very damaging. But in Europe it’s different. For example when we’re in Berlin and lots of other cities, in the morning they do their religious practices and by the evening the spaces are turned into concert halls, its really cool and Europe is more advanced in this way, it’s more open minded.

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