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Live Session & Interview ° Quentin Sauvé

Écrit par sur 4 février 2019




In the run up to his performance in Nantes and to celebrate the release of his new LP ‘Whatever it takes’, Quentin Sauvé was invited to the studio to perform a live session and do an interview with Lauren and Hanna. He played three songs for us: ‘Dead end’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Half Empty Glass’. Quentin spoke to us about being a member of the hardcore punk group Birds in Row as well as performing folk on his own. He told us that he doesn’t really have a different mentality when performing such different musical styles but it gives his life balance. We also talked about some of the videos for his songs and Quentin explained how he used his own grandparents in his clip for ‘Dead End’, which makes it all the more emotive to watch. Finally, Quentin told us about the themes coming from this new album, mainly hope, which differs greatly from his previous album.


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