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Interview with Coline from Inüit

Écrit par sur 13 février 2019



In the lead up to their performance in St Nazaire and Lille, Coline from the group Inüit spoke to Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’.  We spoke about the origins of the group’s name, how well they work together as a group of six and how they fit into the music scene in Nantes. Coline also spoke about the unique locations where the group have filmed their music videos, including the top of the Tour Bretagne and a pool in Dervallières. We then went on to speak about the group’s performance at Transmusicales in 2015 and Coline talked about what a good springboard this is for emerging artists but she put emphasis on the fact that it is important to play in lots of venues in order to be successful. Finally, Coline told Euradio about her excitement to be playing St Nazaire this weekend, you can find out more information about this event here.


Coline also took part in Euradio’s segment ‘a gig that changed my life’, which you can listen to here:


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