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Album of the Week ° An Interview with Marion Brunetto

Écrit par sur 15 février 2019



The Euradio Show brings you this week’s album of the week from France. Dream-pop line-up Requin Chagrin’s second LP Sémaphore is an abstract exploration of nostalgia. The band’s lead vocalist, Marion Brunetto, speaks to Jon Berry about creating an album which embeds the sentiments of adulthood into the settings of childhood. Looking back to the time she took up an old tape recorder and struck the first chord of her own melody, and further back into her roots in Ramatuelle, she reflects on the journey through which music has taken her. Hopeful and despairing in equal measure, Requin Chagrin return to release ten titles, four years after the launch of their eponymous debut.

Information on Requin Chagrin’s upcoming tour of France can be found on the band’s Facebook page.




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