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La Route du Rock ° Interview with Alban Coutoux-Rosso

Écrit par sur 19 février 2019



In the lead up to the 14th winter edition of La Route du Rock, Liv spoke with artistic director Alban Coutoux-Rosso to find out more about how the indie-rock festival came to be.

Originally founded in the summer of 1991 on the beaches of Saint-Malo, La Route du Rock has since added a second indoor festival in February. Alban explains that the goal of both editions is to introduce the population to some of the most exciting independent music from across Europe, with artists bringing a broad range of indie rock, punk and electro styles to the stage.

As one of France’s leading music festivals for this genre, La Route du Rock strives to maintain the intimacy of performances with lesser-known artists, while also accommodating for its growing popularity. Alban speaks about the indoor festival in February now includes more performances in Rennes as well as Saint-Malo, following an encouraging surge in audience members over the last few years. As for the summer edition, crowds gather by the stunning seaside venue held outside at Saint-Malo each August, with this year’s headliner looking to be particularly exciting…

For more details on La Route du Rock, visit their website by clicking here.

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