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Live Session and Interview ° Moustache Museum

Écrit par sur 20 février 2019



It’s rare to come across a band compiled of six talented musicians, and rarer still to find a way to fit them all in our studio. On Saturday 16th February we opened our doors to the public, complete with a live session and interview from local indie-folk group Moustache Museum.

With a grand ensemble of drums, guitars, flutes and even a double bass, the room erupted in a beautiful roar of strings and harmonies as the band launched into ‘Brother Eli’ from their latest EP World’s End (2018). The band’s sound has shifted dramatically over the course of their three EPs: while their debut On the Run (2013) consists of four predominantly country tracks, Overseas (2015) quickly showed a progression into something altogether more rock and folk. In their recent release, World’s End (2018), Moustache Museum pays tribute to their love for American folk, maintaining their own distinct sound while also adding a hint of the rock ‘n’ roll blues.

When interviewed by Liv and Jon, the group spoke passionately about their music, but were skeptical about the prospect of releasing an album. It seems that making music is merely a shared passion among this group of friends, for whom the weekly Sunday rehearsals are a space of joy alongside their careers and families. Sad to hear we won’t be getting a full album, of course, but if their future EPs are to be of similar quality and flare, we are more than happy to wait.


Photography by Pauline Lévêque Photographie.

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