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Album of the Week ° An Interview with Olivier Marguerit

Écrit par sur 22 février 2019



Three years after his solo debut, Un torrent, la boue (2016), Olivier Marguerit returns to the scene under his alias ‘O’ with a second album, À Terre. Bursting with groove, style and catchy melodies, this pop record is anything but ‘classic’. Our presenter Liv phoned up to find out more.

For years Olivier has been a big name among the French pop scene, working as a composer and producer in collaboration with artists such as Chevalrex, Syd Matters and Mina Tindle. It was upon becoming a father, however, that the musician from Paris finally felt it was time to go solo. He explains that this was at a time when he felt himself really break into adulthood, wherein becoming his own boss gave him the complete freedom to express what he was experiencing. Coupled too with a new studio, Olivier was geared up and ready to go, and the results have been unsurprisingly brilliant.  

With the help of a few friends, his sophomore album À Terre is a collection of songs that demonstrate both his range within pop, and his sheer talent as a composer/producer, creating a record that is slick, clever and ever so slightly jazzy. In his conversation with Liv, Olivier talks us through writing on the subway, composing for films and the recurring theme of ‘falling’. 

A launch party for the album is being held on March 28th in Paris, you can find more info on this by visiting his Facebook.

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