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Interview ° The Schizophonics

Écrit par sur 4 mars 2019



Following the release of their debut album “Land of the Living” in 2017, The Schizophonics have returned to Europe to play around with some new material. The rock group gave an explosive performance in Nantes last Saturday at their sold-out gig , but afterwards still had enough energy to chat with Liv Cowle backstage.

Originally from San Diego, California, The Schizophonics have one of the most electric stage presences to grace the rock scene in recent years. Their audience engagement is near on perfect, their energy unwavering, and the sheer joy they have for the music they play is abundantly clear throughout. In their interview Liv spoke with drummer, Letty, and frontman, Pat, about their upcoming record, the rock scene in France compared to that of California, and how Pat’s love of dancing simply cannot be controlled.

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